Thursday, August 28, 2008

A visit to Asbury Park

A fun visit to Asbuy Park to check on the progress - its nice to see the redevelopment happening -

The Walk-through to Ocean Grove has a new roof and there was lots of construction taking place in the Carousel building.

A new roof on the Carousel Building as well and the circular part of the building is currently being used as a make-shift theatre where a successful prodcution of "Hair" is currently running.

After a great burger in Sea Bright, an amazing sunset walk on the beach followed....

Christian doing what Christian does....

A super fun and nice lazy end of summer day - Thanks Asbury for a great day!! (and Christian too!!)

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Excellent photos, Mr. Stevers...
Love it.
Asbury Rules... and so do you.
Christian (doing what Christian does)...
BTW... I still love the wig heads in the Sno Kone box.
PS... Thanks again for the lamp!