Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome Avery!!

My friends Steve and Janie welcomed Avery into the world on July 22 - Mom, Dad and Baby Avery are doing fine and they are a beautiful family!!

Deciding to make a baby blanket I started one in cream, didn't like the pattern, and started another one - went to get more yarn to finish it and picked up some pink yarn since Janie and Steve were having a girl - the mint green also looked so soft and pretty (and the store was having a great sale!) so that came home with me too. Figuring that babies soil things quickly I thought multiple blankies might come in handy. After the cream, pink and green ones were finished I used the scraps to make one more that turned out to be my fave.

I hate when I make a mistake and have to yank a round out from the beginning - ugh.

Welcome to the world Avery!!



I'm just shocked that Janie's baby was white!

jmk said...

Wow! You do really lovely work. Great photos, too.

"Judy in UK" (doilydrama)

Erin said...

hey steve...
i followed the link from christians blog over here...
your crochet is beautiful.
(coming from a pretty serious fiber hound!)