Friday, June 13, 2008

Cleaning My Cell Phone....

My cell phone is dying a slow death so most likely the upgrade will happen early next week - Figured it was time to clean out the photos and the following is a glimpse at my past year from my Cell Phone......

Ceiling of John's Pizzeria, NYC - July 2007

Christian at Dorney Park - August 2007

Sussex County Farm and Horse Show - August 2007

Steve and Danielle - Silly pic to send to Tracey who was stuck in Texas on business - "Lucky Stiff" Rehearsal - October 2007

Steve and Tracey - Backstage at "Lucky Stiff" performance - November 2007

Tracey's FIERCE Eyelash - "Lucky Stiff" - November 2007

Christmas Tree in my Lounge - December 2007

Holiday Window in New Brunswick, NJ - December 2007

Realizing that my cell phone camera had editing capabilities - Early 2008

I grew this!! - February 2008

Easter Cupcakes - March 2008

Seeing "Gypsy" - St. James Theatre, NYC - May 2008

Randolph Senior Art Show with Christian and Janie - Randolph High School - May 2008

Janie picking me up in the Pimp Mobile - May 2008