Thursday, December 13, 2007

God Bless Paula Dean!

Gingerbread Cookies scream Christmas to me - I have a recipe I have used for several years but always dread making it as it's a pain in the neck, the dough is difficult to work with and makes a mess, and the results vary although the taste is always yummy.

This year I surfed and found Paula Dean's recipe for Gingerbread Boys and Girls - since I have gone through numerous pounds of butter thus far I was inspired by Paula and figured I would give it a try.

The results were great - a dough thats easy to make, easy to work with, holds its shape and on top of that is quite tasty! I did start with one less cup of flour and added it in slowly till the dough came together. I made a note for next year to add a pinch of clove but other than that I was thrilled with the results!! Two batches of dough and a moderate sized gingerbread boy/girl cookie cutter and I have an army of gingerbread!!

Thanks Paula!!

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wg said...

You've inspired me to give this recipe a try next year. Loved how you decorated the guys and gals.