Thursday, December 20, 2007

Illuminating Reindeer - WTF?????

Just what was the "designer" on when they came up with this oddity? Maybe they thought they were coming up with the new "Leg Lamp". I found this not terribly festive, but rather disturbing at 8:30am when trying to function in a mall setting, doing all your shopping, and doing so on only 1/2 cup of coffee for the day....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Treat

A chilly night, impending storm, whats a guy to do? Treat himself to homemade Hot Chocolate with a homemade festive marshmallow. Yummy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

God Bless Paula Dean!

Gingerbread Cookies scream Christmas to me - I have a recipe I have used for several years but always dread making it as it's a pain in the neck, the dough is difficult to work with and makes a mess, and the results vary although the taste is always yummy.

This year I surfed and found Paula Dean's recipe for Gingerbread Boys and Girls - since I have gone through numerous pounds of butter thus far I was inspired by Paula and figured I would give it a try.

The results were great - a dough thats easy to make, easy to work with, holds its shape and on top of that is quite tasty! I did start with one less cup of flour and added it in slowly till the dough came together. I made a note for next year to add a pinch of clove but other than that I was thrilled with the results!! Two batches of dough and a moderate sized gingerbread boy/girl cookie cutter and I have an army of gingerbread!!

Thanks Paula!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Nostalgia - Part 4

Candles in the windows, carols at the spinet...
I so wanted to adopt these for my very own, but alas, my budget wouldn't allow them to come home with me.

I did make a small purchase as something just kept drawing my eye to this ornament - funny that when I downloaded my photos that there were several of this one ornament so I guess I made the correct choice!

Many thanks to the folks at Somerville Center Antiques for getting me permission to take these pictures and to for granting me that permission! Check out their site and if you are in Somerville at all over the season its worth a browse - an amazing display and amazing collection.

Christmas Nostalgia - Part 3

This gives a new meaning to "Blue Christmas" - a rare specimen dating back to the 1950's

I am so kicking myself for passing these up over the years at garage sales when they were almost I would need to take a second mortgage to obtain one.

Christmas Nostalgia - Part 2

More amazing treasures and memory inducers from Somerville, NJ

Christmas Nostalgia - Part 1

An amazing disply of Christmas Nostalgia in Somerville, NJ...

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Christmas Cookie Mayhem Has Begun....

3 batches of Shortbread cookies have been baked, glazed and decorated...

2 huge batches of Sugar Cookies have been baked - only some got decorated as I ran out of places to let them dry!

This is a Springerele Board used to emboss Springerele cookies...its an old German recipe from my Mother and its the oddest thing to prepare - once you emboss the cookies you let them dry overnight before baking.

Sunday, December 02, 2007